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Beach Blessingway Group of Women
Mother's Belly at Beach Blessingway
Offerings Encouraging Words to Expecting Mother at Beach Blessingway



Blessingways are sacred rituals, rooted in Navajo tradition, that celebrate pregnancy and the mother’s passage into motherhood. In previous eras and in many other cultures, the expectant mother and her closest friends would gather to support, nurture and empower the expectant mother. This is a special time of honoring the new mother rising!


A blessingway (also sometimes referred to as a mother’s blessing) can be done in lieu of or in addition to the modern-day “baby shower”. The blessingway is less focused on the new baby and moreso a celebration of the new mother and her beautiful rite of passage. The intention is to give support, strength and confidence to the mother for her upcoming labor, delivery and journey into motherhood.


At Soul Shine, we believe deeply in the magic of the birth of the mother. We both are “woo woo” hippies in our personal lives, and it’s our own spiritual practices that bring deep meaning into our work as birth workers. Individually, we’ve both been told along the way of our awakenings that we’re “healers with healing hands”. We’re grateful and joyous to be honoring and offering this sacred practice of blessingways to families in our community.

If a blessingway speaks to you and you’d like to incorporate this beautiful tradition into your journey into motherhood, please fill out our "Contact Us" form. We’ll work with you to co-create the blessingway that your soul desires. Each blessingway will be unique and personal to you as its purpose is to honor your unique soul! You deserve to be seen, held, heard and loved, and we are excited to be a special part of your journey!

Blessingway Services Include

Planning and customizing your perfect blessingway

Blessingway facilitators to help with organizing props and activities, setup and takedown

"Blessingway Keepers" to conduct ceremony introductions, rituals and activities

Photos and videos to capture the magic of your special day

Package offerings:

  • Spiritual Experience

  • Floral Experience

  • Nourish Experience

  • Creative Experience

  • Movement Experience

  • Custom Experience

Full Moon
Hands Over Head in Meditation

Let's create something MAGICAL to celebrate the birth of you as a mother!

Crystals in Hands
Free Download Quesitons to Ask My Provider


You'll often hear us saying that a positive birth outcome happens when you have the trifecta: a provider who supports you, an advocate in the room whom you trust (your doula) and childbirth education. Your provider is the first building block for your empowered birth. Get our guide now to understand if your provider is right for you!

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