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Our immersive birth prep course has been carefully curated to equip you with the tools, resources and confidence to have the empowered birth you desire. Whether you’re birthing unmedicated at home, at a birth center or with medication in the hospital, this class is for you. We've offered guidance to families from first-time to fifth-time parents. Our warm and welcoming space allows us to dig deep as we talk about the raw and real aspects of birth.


This course is offered as a single-day in-person group class, private in-home personalized class or private virtual class. Topics we’ll cover but are not limited to choosing your ideal birth team and environment, hormones at play in labor, birth choices, understanding hospital inductions, preparing for labor, stages of labor, what to pack, labor tools, what to expect in delivery and postpartum, partner involvement, coping and comfort techniques and more! We also provide you and your partner with dozens of helpful PDFs infused with our years of doula experience that will continue to support you beyond the class. We’re dedicated to raising the bar for better birth outcomes, and it starts here with the right education.

Childbirth Education Group Class in Orange County California
Childbirth, Postpartum and Newborn Education Private Class in Orange County California


Birth is only 5% of the journey and postpartum is the other 95%. It truly takes a village to support a new family in their early postpartum weeks and months. We want to be an important part of your village by setting you up for success before your baby arrives. We’ll teach you to care for your new baby and for the new version of yourself as a mother.


This immersive fourth-trimester course is offered as a personalized in-home or virtual course for you, your partner and your immediate family. Topics we’ll cover but are not limited to: what to expect for mom’s recovery, postpartum care and nutrition, recognizing postpartum disorders, setting up for successful feeding, how to hold, swaddle, bathe and diaper your baby, understanding baby’s sleep, car seat safety, vaccine choices and much more! Beyond the personalized class, we'll provide you with dozens of PDF takeaways specifically designed to equip you throughout your fourth-trimester journey


Educating expecting families is our passion and our purpose. We've thoughtfully curated classes for each phase of your sacred journey. With many years of experience as birth and postpartum doulas, we bring this knowledge into the classroom space. We're general childbirth educators bringing in influences from different birthing techniques, which allows you to find which tools work best for your unique self. Our classes are interactive, fun and engaging for both mom and partner. The single-day group format and private personalized courses work great because it allows you to fit the classes into your busy schedule. An added benefit of our group classes is it gives you the opportunity to meet other wonderful families on similar journeys.

What makes our classes different? We get comfy, cozy and personal. We meet you at your level. We create a warm, intimate space for raw and real conversations about birth and postpartum. We take time for personalized education while sitting with your questions and apprehensions. We give you takeaways and local resources that go beyond our class. We come together as a community because you start as our clients and stay as our friends. We don’t go away after our class is finished. We're forever apart of your village!

We know the true value of sharing quality resources, hands-on tools and evidence-based information in a safe and supportive environment. We believe deeply in creating positive birth and postpartum outcomes because we’ve first-hand seen the impact that quality education can have on a family's journey.​



All classes are $500 per couple for group dates or $175/hour for customized private in-home classes

Sunday, March 10th (2 spots left)

from 8 am-3 pm

Sunday, May 19th

from 8 am-3 pm

Sunday, July 28th

from 8 am-3 pm

If these dates don't work for your family, please inquire about our private in-home or virtual availability.

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“You two both have such a passion for women, babies and birth and it shine through in everything you do! It’s amazing to not be fearful and to have a place to go to learn, be heard and feel supported."

Drea + Rene

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