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We recognize not everyone may choose to have a doula present during their birth for various reasons, but as doulas, we’ve found that intimate support in pregnancy and postpartum is still vital. Our Mother + Baby package offers a way for us to meet you and your partner where you’re at and assist you throughout your transformative experience in alternative ways tailored to suit your family’s specific needs.


During our prenatal meetings in your home, we create a warm and inviting space - we want you to feel like you’re embraced in a cozy hug - to discuss:

  • Nourishing your body during pregnancy through food, holistic modalities and prenatal exercises

  • Supporting any pregnancy discomforts and symptoms with a holistic approach

  • Creating confidence and excitement leading up to your birth by dispelling any fears

  • Navigating your provider and place of birth decisions

  • Understanding your birth preferences and creating your birth plan together that best fits your desires

  • Deep diving into your birth vision and going through exercises to determine your ideal environment and preferred love languages of support

  • Sharing local resources to support your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum needs

  • Labor prep positions and natural labor induction techniques

  • What to expect in birth and stages of labor

  • Hands-on comfort measures with partner

  • Equipping your partner with the tools and confidence to support you in labor

  • The importance of advocacy if you’re birthing out of the home

  • Special circumstances that can arise and navigating all outcomes

  • Setting you up for success for early postpartum and breastfeeding (examples being preparing your postpartum baskets, understanding mental and emotional support needed and setting boundaries)

  • And anything else top-of-mind for you!

  • All throughout your pregnancy, we’ll be available for text support as specific questions arise, as well as, for emotional support when needed


Continuing Support Through
Birth + Postpartum

​Virtual birth support:

  • Phone and text support leading up to labor and during

  • We are able to virtually assist with understanding natural labor induction techniques, what is normal in labor, partner support guidance, when to go to the place of birth, confidence in advocating and more

  • This is not an on-call package option (we’ll give support during hours that we are awake and available, typically between 6 am - 9 pm so long as we aren’t with another in-person client)

Home visits within the first three weeks postpartum will entail:

  • Debriefing your birth and answering questions

  • Hands-on lactation support and resources

  • Showing you and your partner how to prepare sitz bath herbs, aromatherapy and anything else needed for your physical healing

  • Discussing sleep schedules and sharing techniques to set you up for success for the day

  • Learning to babywear, swaddle and give your baby a massage, along with holding, feeding and burping techniques

  • Continuous mental and emotional support as you transition into the fourth trimester

  • Providing trusted resources needed for mom and baby

  • Introductions to other mamas in your area

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