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Placenta capsules and tincture
Placenta encapsulation process



Consuming the placenta offers numerous physical benefits, as it’s a rich source of essential nutrients, hormones and antibodies that can aid in your unique postpartum recovery. Research is still limited but many proponents believe that placenta consumption can help regulate hormones, replenish depleted iron levels, boost energy, support lactation and decrease the likelihood of insomnia, baby blues and postnatal depression. It is a natural and holistic approach to self-care, offering a potential pathway to healing and rejuvenation after the birthing process. We practice the traditional method which includes properly cleaning and dehydrating your placenta along the food-safe guidelines; we then blend and encapsulate in vitamin-sized portions! An alcohol-based tincture is also available as an add-on, which allows you to harness the nutrients in your placenta for years. 


Throughout history, the placenta has been recognized as a symbol of vitality and nourishment. It's the vessel that sustains and nurtures a growing life within the womb and serves as a lifeline between mother and child. By honoring this sacred organ through consumption, mothers embrace a profound connection to the primal forces that brought forth new life.


While the tradition of consuming the placenta may not always be widely understood or accepted, it is a personal choice rooted in reverence, nourishment and self-discovery. It’s a testament to the deep connection to the natural process that shapes the existence and celebration of the awe-inspiring wonders of life itself. We’re grateful to offer this sacred ritual to you as a beautiful way to nourish your body and give reverence to the organ that grew new life. 

Our Package & Process

  • Pickup at your place of birth within two hours of delivery for birthing families in Orange County 

  • We focus exclusively on processing one placenta at a time, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and adherence to food safety protocols

  • Cleansing and honoring the placenta with herbs of your choosing

  • While soaking, we incorporate a tarot card pull to add an extra layer of meaning, infusing the experience with positive intentions

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Method of cleaning, dehydrating and encapsulating 

  • Umbilical cord keepsake and/or placenta print as optional complimentary add-ons

  • Alcohol-based tincture available as a paid add-on

  • Drop-off at your home with care instructions for a seamless transition within 2-4 days


The number of capsules produced from your placenta can vary, typically ranging from 80-180, as each placenta is distinct in its own way.

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