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About Our Sisterhood

We deeply believe that we cannot successfully exist in this sacred work without the support of our fellow doulas. We’re here to build a collective of badass doulas who genuinely recognize the power of community; there’s no place for a scarcity mindset here. “It takes a village” applies to us as birth workers, and we would love to invite you into ours!


We’ve created a safe space for doulas to come together in vulnerability with open hearts and minds. In our village, we’ll become better doulas together. We’ll learn from each other, and with our extensive experience as doulas and childbirth educators, we’ll give you the practical tools to build the business of your dreams! 


We’re built on the foundation of respect, non-judgment and honest communication. It is our priority to uphold our high standards of an inclusive community. We invite hearts into the space with the same values. We deeply believe in the power of energy, and we’ll work hard to protect the energy of our tribe. Welcome in, Sister!

Doula Mentorship Training

Join the Sisterhood Movement

Group Doula Mentorship

We have a robust curriculum curated specifically for doulas who are looking to expand their business into abundance. Our mentorship is geared towards both birth and postpartum doulas. For doulas who are located in the greater OC or Northern SD area, we offer in-person mentorship. We also offer virtual mentorship for doulas who are located outside of our local region.

We are currently booking mentorships on a 1:2 basis (you get both of us as mentors). We customize the mentorship to be tailored to your unique doula needs!


Apply Now

Biz building blocks and steps to success to bridge the gap between your doula training and the
birth world
Branding, marketing, networking and attracting your ideal clients to get your business off the ground quickly
Hands-on practice, the "real real" of birth work and managing your self-care
Building your village and connecting you with local resources to help build your empire
Birth Doula Mentees
"I learned to start a business!!! One that can be tailored to exactly how I want it to be to fit my lifestyle and still serve meaningfully. Biggest takeaway was the confidence that Kelsey and Rori gave me!


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